Jordan Ayala

I’m a seasoned Technical Lead and Software Engineer with 9+ years of experience. I specialize in leading and mentoring teams in developing products that help people in everyday life, be it ordering food, having a home workout experience, or helping operations in shipping warehouses.

Top Skills

Software Development Technology Leadership Machine Learning Data Analysis Analytical Skills


Technical Lead

Feb 2022 to Mar 2024


San Francisco, California, United States · Remote

  • Led a team of 10 talented engineers in building a platform that handles the operation of several warehouses across the US (Kotlin, NestJs, Typescript, Javascript, React).
  • • Consolidated multiple data sources to Google Big Query Platform allowing efficient analytical and operational reporting, leading to a 60% reduction in response times.
  • • Built real-time streaming applications (Kafka, Kotlin) that integrated various microservices and multiple warehouse providers, ensuring seamless operational functionality and efficiency.
  • • Mentored a team of engineers, providing guidance and expertise in software architecture enhancement and optimization.
Technology Leadership Software Architecture

Lead Mobile Engineer

Mar 2019 to Feb 2022

Luke's Local

San Francisco Bay Area · Remote

  • Led the development of an online food ordering application (iOS & Android) focusing on enhancing user experience and operational efficiency (React Native, Typescript, Redux).
  • • Integrated advanced analytics into the application, enabling data-driven strategies to track and improve user satisfaction using Firebase and Mixpanel.
  • • Led the development of a successful referral program that encouraged user engagement and growth.
  • • Innovated by designing and implementing a companion application to efficiently track inbound supplies, streamlining the supply chain process.
  • • Refactored the application architecture, resulting in significantly improved performance and reduced loading times, enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • • Automated the deployment pipeline, ensuring continuous and seamless delivery of application updates, maintaining high standards of quality and reliability.
React Native Payments Analytics JavaScript

Senior Mobile Engineer

Apr 2021 to Jan 2022


United States · Remote

  • Built the application for an NFT marketplace that is carbon neutral, easy to use on the EOS blockchain serving over 10,000 customers (Android, Kotlin, MVVM, OOP).
  • • Led the development the authentication infrastructure.
  • • Led the integration of KYC services, significantly reducing the number of bot accounts.
  • • Designed and implemented the NFT multimedia viewer.
Android Development Blockchain

Data Scientist

Jan 2021 to Jan 2022

Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología-CONACYT

Paraguay · Hybrid

  • Contributed in the development of a machine learning platform that creates healthy recipes (Keras, Python, NextJS).
  • • Analyzed the molecular structure and macronutritional values of ingredients.
  • • Development of a web application to create target recipes and obtain healthy alternatives.
Machine Learning Python

Data Scientist

Jun 2020 to Sep 2021

Universidad Americana Paraguay

Asunción, Paraguay · Hybrid

  • Contributed to the creation of a platform to assist a team of experts in the early diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy (Keras, Python, NextJS).
  • • Led the research multiple state-of-the-art algorithms for object detection and designed experiments to train and validate machine learning models.
  • • Built a machine learning classification model with eye fundus images.
  • • Built a REST API to provide diabetic retinopathy detection (Python, FastAPI, Keras).
  • • Developed a web platform to acquire patients images and provide classification (NextJS, Typescript, Tailwind).
Software Architecture Machine Learning Python

Android Team Lead

Sep 2019 to Mar 2021


Washington, United States · Remote

  • Led a team of Android and QA Engineers in building and launching a fitness app offering on-demand workout classes like cycling, yoga, and strength training (Android, Kotlin).
  • • Built integrations with Bluetooth powered devices to track the workout performance of users.
  • • Integrated multiple streaming platforms to improve the user experience during workouts. (Mux, FeedFM)
  • • Built a Proof of concept App for Android TV.
  • • Mentored engineers on how to improve app performance and architecture.
Technology Leadership Android Development

Mobile Consultant

Apr 2018 to Aug 2019


Switzerland · Remote

  • Led the development of a privacy focused VPN application for a NPO (React Native, Typescript).
  • • Created a cross-platform native middleware implementing the Wireguard VPN Protocol (Go, Rust).
  • • Developed Native Android (Java) and iOS (Swift) apps.
  • • Built a cross-platform App in React Native, interacting with the Native VPN Middleware (Rust).
Rust (Programming Language) Go (Programming Language) React Native

IT Consultant

Dec 2016 to Jan 2018

Konecta S.A.


  • • Developed integrations for a AS/400 mainframe, integrating RPG codebase with modern Java solutions.
Payments Spring Framework Java JavaScript HTML5

Full Stack Developer

Feb 2015 to Nov 2016



  • • Developed a Location-Aware Android Application for Logistics and Tracking.
  • • Led the migration of a Legacy Management Reporting System (PowerBuilder) to modern Web App (Django, Express, JQuery).
  • • Server administration of multiple Linux Servers (CentOS).
Spring Framework Python JavaScript HTML5 PostgreSQL


Dec 2014 to Feb 2015

Núcleo de Investigación y Desarrollo Tecnológico


  • I worked on multiple projects based on Digital Image Processing.
  • • Worked on a Digital Image Processing System (Java EE) and implemented multiple morphological transformations with ImageJ.
  • • Developed a System for Early Detection of Skin Cancer using Digital Image Processing (Java, ImageJ).
Java Data Structures


Universidad Nacional de Asunción

2012 - 2016

Engineer's degree

Computer Software Engineering

  • • Received Full Tuition Scholarship for academic merit.
  • • Thesis on intelligent stock market trading systems was published on a major scientific journal.


Technology Leadership Software Architecture React Native Payments Analytics JavaScript Android Development Blockchain Machine Learning Python Rust (Programming Language) Go (Programming Language) Spring Framework Java HTML5 HTML PostgreSQL Business Intelligence Analytical Skills Data Structures Node.js